The true meaning of life’s healing:
77FA0F33-91B0-47B8-8E79-FDE4F7B6744CAs we walk along our path to find the glory that we are told awaits us, we often stumble into puddles some very deep…. some shallow… as we walk we gather many wounds, pains, and many lessons as we stumble through these puddles. We chose which are easy to hold in our arms as we walk, holding these wounds in plain sight knowing step by step they are present. Some we store away in our pockets or perhaps a bag or pack we carry, for some are easier not to acknowledge with each step on our path….. We know they are here but can forget about their meanings and pain,  hiding them away as we walk on…. Our bags and pockets may become full slowing us down, slowing us on our path…. with each step a realization a knowing that we are to be free of this heaviness and so we sit…. with this pause of not doing anything, just being in this space at this time, it occurs to us we no longer need to carry all this emotion that no longer serves us…. As we slowly work through all the items in our hands and empty out pockets we finally realize they had a meaning of unconditional love a teaching of true connection of self. Each one was put on our path to teach us the very meaning of life it’s self. Connection within our selfs love for all… forgiveness in what just is, we cry in happiness and wounding with each soul release and growth, with each tear learning the deeper connections…. Some how with clearer realization of universal connections and energies there is a knowing the meaning of life for it is all the same for all… as we are all part of the same energy, the love and light that heals all, the unconditional love of guidance and great healing…. Simply the connection we all seek with our selfs, with the great Devine of the universe the creator of all.
Becky Kehoe