Spiritual Hypnosis

Past life Regression

Spiritual Hypnosis

Taking a Journey to experience and explore with your guides, elders, angels, and loved ones who have passed. Connecting with your higher self on a deeper level. Feeling great guidance and understanding, asking questions and noticing great positive shifts and soul connection.

A spiritual journey connecting with loved ones will give you connection and understanding with your loss. Grieving is a process very unique to every person. With connection that feeling allows you experience a great release of loneliness for that person missing in your life. Connecting on an energetic level brings us closer to them allowing our higher senses to come forward and be in that moment with our loved ones.

Past Life Regression

Regressing back to a story or a time before this life. Experiencing a past life, understand the connections to now, and what you have learned in that time.

This hypnosis recovers past life experiences or a story both for healing and pleasure.
This has a way of shifting blocks that directly affect this life. This is a way in which you can address issues from your present life. While using a system to clear out all energy and emotion from the past one can be free of it in the present.

This is a fun experience being in that story or past experience. Many unique wonderful learnings come forward that connect directly with your beliefs and needs of today.

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