Becky has helped me with my weight loss with her technique of virtual gastric hypnosis I have lost weight every week and experienced the feeling mentally of having the band placed it’s been an amazing successful experience for me.

Christine Anderson

I would like to thank Becky Mary Kehoe for my session on virtual gastric band. This has helped me make better food choices and portion size. Makes me aware when I sit down to eat dinner. Even shopping I am more aware of what goes in my mouth, helps me think of better food choices. Thankyou again Becky ❤️

Judy Hillman

I wasn’t sure how hypnotherapy worked until I met Becky. Becky helped me understand it and assured me that I would still be aware of what was happening. We did some past life regression work and uncovered stuff that was deep within waiting to be surfaced and healed. The experience was amazing and did wonders for some of the issues I was having. Becky also showed me a way to manifest with hypnotherapy. I fell in love with the technique and couldn’t stop smiling ?.


Becky is a beautiful loving soul that wants the best for her clients. I highly recommend!! Xoxo



Monica Weaver

I’ve had a few hypnotherapy sessions with Becky, and I’ve benefited greatly from them! The first one was a past life regression looking at a fun lifetime of love and peace, It was wonderful as I went to a past life full of love and satisfaction, where I could literally feel the difference and emotions associated with it. I also realized that you don’t need much to be happy and feel unconditional love. I also got to experience childbirth in that session which was really amazing for me as I’ve never given birth in this lifetime.

My second one was connecting more to my guides and angels and I went into a deep state and really got to explore that area more and I definitely got the answers I was looking for.

Becky is also excellent at detecting any energy imbalances in your body and can help greatly in identifying and releasing them!!I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for hypnotherapy, healing, guidance and energy balancing. thanks you so much Becky!!

Heather Haslan

Clinical Hypnotherapist, True Spirit Healing Art

Within the time I spent under hypnotherapy with Beautiful Becky and her gentle loving ways, my souls painful journey had been altered and released. I am so grateful to Becky for helping me heal and find my true souls connection.

Within the following days of this experience with her I felt Free, Grounded, Excited, Joyous and so Awake. This intense feeling of coming home was surrounding me, all my pain and emptiness had been lifted.

Through her gift she has given me great comfort, great understanding of who I Truly am, and Hope that souls truly can be mended, and Love truly is everywhere.

I love you Becky. Thank you so very much

Linda Klamut

I am writing this testimonial for Becky Kehoe, Because of the amazing and beautiful work she has done on myself especially as well as my son. From the first time I went to go see her, I felt myself being renewed and lifted. She has helped me heal, and continues to help me heal daily, just by sending me constant love and light. She is one of a kind, and I feel blessed and privilege to have met her and be so close to her. I have had quite a few sessions with her. Each one unique and helpful.

I have brought my son to see her as well, as I know its healthy for his mind as well as his soul. The purposes of bringing him there are mainly just to keep his mind healthy and active and to clear him of any negative energy or thoughts. I originally started going, as I wanted to experience Pranic healing and hypnotherapy. Since going, I have realized it is much, much more then just that. I have found a genuine friend and person, that myself and son can be grateful for. I have recently done a journey, and it was an exceptional experience. I reconnected with a younger soul, age 3, and a newer soul age 21.

I have accepted the souls back into my own and have become more whole. I feel more and more refreshed and renewed everyday. This particular experience was one to remember. As Becky awoke from the journey, she explained to me what she saw, and had done. Sitting there listening to it, everything came together and connected as we shared our thoughts and experience. As she connected my souls to me once again, at the end, I felt a blanket of calmness and a wave of energy going over me and just slowly sinking into me. It was one of the coolest and most exciting sessions I have had so far. I could connect every moment to her, and what she was doing and seeing. I knew fully of what was happening and what I was experiencing. It was so calming and uplifting at the same time. I appreciate this experience and continue to let it sink in and help me become more whole.

Every time I go see Becky I know I will be leaving feeling renewed and refreshed, more grounded and connected with mother earth and the beautiful light around me. I have opened and began to really truly feel everything around me, learning to let go of all fears and become my true self. By far a friendship that will last forever, near or far Becky has assured me she will always be there to help me with my healings and my journey in life. I would recommend anyone, if your looking for love and light, healing, to connect with your spirituality or need guidance, or may have no idea of any of these but you’re open minded and curious, she is a blessing. She is definitely heaven sent, a angel walking amongst men. She will help you in ways you didn’t know even existed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimonial and experiences. My name is Channelle Lheureux. I am age 24, and feel renewed and blessed at this point in my life. I have always been open minded but at this time in my life, this is exactly what I needed.

Channelle Lheureux

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